Help & Support

Welcome to Mytourpics, its great to have you onboard.  We have tried to make things as simple as possible but here are some notes to help.  If this isn’t enough please contact us on

First, please check your profile and other settings to make sure they are correct or you can do this on our website if easier. 

Please note you have the ability for your content to sync with our website immediately as you add it using mobile data or you can select that the media only syncs when you are on Wi-Fi.  It depends on how quickly you want the media available to your guests.  If you chose this option please make sure you have a sufficient data plan with your network provider.  This setting defaults to Wi-Fi only, you must select mobile data if that’s what you prefer.

You can manage your content two ways using Mytourpics. 

  1.  You can use Tours (think of them like folders for each tour you take) and create a new tour each time you take a new group of guests on a tour.  You just need to give the tour a name and date you take it.  The description is optional, you can choose not to use it if you wish.  Then simply add the media either by taking media after adding the tour by selecting add media/camera or from your gallery on your phone if you took the photos or videos earlier.

  2. The second option is that you can choose not to use tours and all of the media will simply be grouped together in one tour or folder which will be at the top of your Tours screen and it will have the description “Your business name – Media”.  It’s a simpler way to do it but the disadvantage is when your guests search for their photo or video on the Mytourpics website or app it will be grouped together with “all” other media you have taken and uploaded to

Video – at the moment to add video to your other content on, you need to simply take the video using your normal camera/video app.  You then go to your Mytourpics app and select tours.  You then either select a specific tour and select add media or simply select the default tour at the top of the screen and select add media there.  You will then be prompted with “Add media from?”.  Please select gallery and select the video you have taken and wish to add.  You can select as much media as you wish at that point or just the one video.

Happy snapping!